Thanks for checking out my donations page. This page is to fund the Tacoma Stories Project. I utilize my website, to try and share as much of my work as possible.  I like to shoot, always have and always will.  Above and beyond shooting I like to share.  I would be doing this regardless of being paid or not.  Here are the rewards : 

Every single person who donates just $1.00-$10.00 will get a digital copy of a photo from one of my galleries or private collection.  The photo will be full resolution 300dpi and sized to be able to be printed up to 6 x 9 inches. And new photos will be shot while the production goes on.

Every person who donates $25.00 or more will get the digital delivery of a photo sized to 12 x 18 inches and a printed copy of the same print at 6 x 9 inches and signed by me. 

$75.00 or more will get all of the above and a Swamp Fox Studios T-shirt!

Lastly, anyone donating $250.00 will get all of the above and a producer credit on one of the stories being told.

Once the funding for the project is complete, the Tacoma Gallery will stay up until the prints are sold through their run, but the donations page will be taken down.  This is all about telling compelling tales and the stories will be made available to all and with your help you will be supporting a local artist and his projects as well as supporting all of the folks whose stories are brought to light through this project. Thank you for all your support.  So scroll through the gallery or check out the donations page and show your support of the arts, Tacoma, or just me doing what I love to do.